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Should I Upgrade to windows 10 ?

Should I Upgrade to windows 10 ?
Should I upgrade to windows 10 whilst its still free ?
The short answer is a resounding YES, but not because it will offer any new features you couldn't live without. ... 

Should I upgrade to windows 10 whilst its still free ? The short answer is a resounding YES ! We're being asked this question a lot, and for very good reason. Lets face it, Microsoft are really pushing this to all of us – a little bit too hard in our opinion, with the latest push installing the update automatically with us having to opt out via the very small print. So what feature, you ask that I cannot live without? I'm going to be honest here, there is currently no feature that the average user cannot live without. Let's face it computers are a mature product and you've probably worked out the kinks or workarounds to get the things done on your system already !

So then why are we recommending it :-
  • Future proofing. Windows 10 is no longer on a new release cycle every 3 years. The idea with 10 is that you will be updated with new features as you go forward. These will be little changes rather than a whole new learning curve each time. If you change your hardware – great it will run the same windows as your old machine. No more learning a new operating system as you switch.
  • Security is better. The biggest issue with face is rogue programs that trick us in to installing them with promises such as "speed up your computer" "let me help you open that type of file you received etc". With 10 there is a new type of App, which goes by the very catchy name "windows store app". These are far more secure approach, downloading from a trusted store in the same way your phone or tablet installs there apps.
  • The built in apps are great, and they are getting better. The store app (where you shop for new apps) is not as full as tablet or phone store from Apple or Google but now so many people are on Windows 10 this is changing rapidly. There are already great apps for checking the weather, mapping and directions, e-mail reader, news, photo downloading editing and sharing. All come ready to use after the upgrade. Although these can be done currently in one form or another, it's much easier, faster and more consistent on windows 10 to use and find new apps. Yes, and for some the all new Microsoft Solitaire – you know who you are !
  • Windows 8 users will appreciate having both the modern experience and desktop rolled in to one, less confusing interface. This makes a lot of sense and will stop a lot of confusing situations happening.
  • Speed, windows 10 is faster out the blocks. In fact it's designed to run more like a tablet/phone in that you can choose to sleep on devices with a battery rather than starting from cold each time – great time saver.
  • It's Free (for now).

There are a lot of minor refinements that you only notice when you get started using the system. However the main reason is that you are carried forward with the minor updates as you use the machine.

Remember, as always - backup first before taking the plunge ! Paul

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